• Connoisseur Kits

    The Connoisseur Kit comes complete with everything you need to make three different batches of spirits. Whiskey - Rum - Bourbon - Scotch

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  • Bootleg Kits

    Create your own personal signature whiskey, scotch, rum, bourbon or dozens of other spirits in your mini oak aging barrel.

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  • Color Quarter Barrel Signs

    Color Quarter Barrel Signs are handcrafted on a real wine barrel head! Personalize it with your text to make a one of a kind piece.

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  • Moonshine Magic

    Best tastin' shine this 'ere side of the holler! Swig as needed. Likker ain't included.

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  • Personalized Plank Signs

    Personalized Pop Art vintage wooden plank signs with sculpted reliefs. Handcrafted by the Thousand Oaks Barrel Co. in Charleston, South Carolina of furniture grade wood planks and professionally printed using proprietary Poly-Arch Lithography

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  • Personalized Oak Barrels Choose your design, personalize your mini oak barrel!
  • Make Your Own! Kits Bootleg Kits, Connoisseur Kits, Moonshine Magic! Make your own!
  • Connoisseur Kits Make and age three different styles of spirit in a real American White Oak barrel.
  • Bootleg Kits Whiskey Making Kits - Rum Making Kits - Bourbon Making Kits ...more
  • Personalized Wedding Barrels Customized oak barrel for your envelope gifts or as your guest book!
  • Personalized Plank Signs Furniture grade wood planks professionally printed using Poly-Arch Lithography.
  • Color Quarter Barrel Signs Customize your own color Quarter Barrel Sign!
  • Home Furnishings Custom oak barrel designed home furnishings.
  • Whiskey Making Kits
  • Vodka Infusion Kits
  • Swish Barrel Essences
  • Scotch Making Kits
  • Rum Making Kits
  • Patio & Garden